Business Connect

Our Business Connect Service uses a brand new Gigabit Passive Optical Network being build across the UK. We’re able to connect your workplace to true gigabit internet access with no restrictions, hidden fees or disappointing support. 

Value GPON

> Symmetrical Speeds
> 1 Gbps Capacity
> Min 200 Mbps Guarantee

> 10:1 Contention Ratios

From £220 per Month

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> Symmetrical Speeds
> 1 Gbps Capacity
> Min 1 Gbps Guarantee
> 8:1 Contention Ratio

From £300 per Month

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We’ll perform a free survey upon your order to determine the route for the new fibre cable. The installation is typically free of charge depending on availability of a cable route. If there are any external civil engineering work required to bring a duct into your location, there will be an additional fee called an ECC (Excessive Construction Charge). 

We will provide a free, no obligation quotation. Upon acceptance, it typically takes 45 days to arrange the installation and commissioning. 

We accept Direct Debit, Bank Transfer and Card Payments.

Contract Length
Our minimum contract for our GPON are 36 months. Shorter contracts are available for an additional setup fee.